Fireplace, Sauna and Interior Stone



This product group consists of four consumer-oriented collections.

The Karelia collection is the most advanced heat-retaining fireplace collection in terms of its design, combustion technology and thermal properties, which lives up to the wishes of even the most demanding customers in Central Europe. The soapstone surface finish technologies and the new Tulikivi Color options will broaden the customer base for soapstone fireplaces. The combustion technology of the fireplaces meets even the most stringent requirements in the world. The collection has patented whirlbox technology that allows either wood or pellets to be burnt in the firebox. The heat release of the models in the Karelia collection is adjustable for both low-energy and traditional houses. The combustion of the models in the Karelia collection can be controlled with the Tulikivi Senso fireplace controller if desired.

The models in the Pielinen collection are based on modern Scandinavian design and feature a new soapstone surface finish technology. The Pielinen products are compact and easy to install. They are particularly well suited to the Central European market and to markets where there is no knowledge of heat-retaining fireplaces. The special features of the Pielinen products are the versatile door solutions that are developed together with partners. Tulikivi’s third collection of soapstone fireplaces is a classic collection made up of popular models from recent decades. It consists of heat-retaining fireplaces, bakeovens and stoves made of soapstone. The strengths of the fireplaces in the collection include classic design and unrivalled heating properties.

Tulikivi’s Kermansavi collection is a stylish collection of heat-retaining fireplaces and fireplace/bakeovens, which was updated during 2021. The new collection beats the emission limit values for fireplaces defined in the EU Ecodesign Directive that enters into force in the EU at the beginning of 2022. In addition to Finland, it is hoped that the new collection will achieve significant growth in the Central European market, where environmental friendliness, Scandinavian design and good firing characteristics are all valued.

All our collections emphasise timeless design, convenience, innovative technology and high quality. Product development focuses on clean combustion, which is why most Tulikivi fireplaces already beat the world’s toughest emission standards.

Most of our customers are building new homes or renovating existing homes, and they value bioenergy as a form of heating and appreciate the economic advantages of wood-based heating and self-sufficiency. Tulikivi fireplaces appeal to the customers because of their eco-friendliness, energy efficiency, aesthetics and durability, and because of the pleasant heat they produce.


The main products are electric and woodburning sauna heaters clad with soapstone, other natural stone, ceramic tiles or cast stone, or with a metal finish. Tulikivi also manufactures sauna heaters for smoke saunas and commercial saunas. Thanks to the large stone compartments in Tulikivi’s sauna heaters, they always give an enjoyable and gentle sauna experience.

In sauna heaters, Tulikivi’s strengths are its careful attention to safety and design. The new kind of design that distinguishes itself from the rest has gained recognition the form of the Fennia Prize, for example.

The Sauna products are sold under the Tulikivi brand, and their principal markets are Finland, Russia and Central Europe. Soapstone interior design stones and tiles are sold as accessories in the Sauna product group and they are very popular on the export market.

Interior Stone

The main products in the Interior product group are countertops made of different natural or composite stone materials or ceramic material and tiling for different rooms in the home. Tulikivi has an extensive interior stone product collection.

In home construction, natural stone is a genuine and timeless material that is extremely well suited for use in kitchens and bathrooms and for floors, walls and stairs.

As an interior design material, natural stone is eco-friendly and fire safe and it also raises the value of the home, because stone wears better than many other surface materials.

The Interior product group’s most important customer segment consists of Finnish fitted kitchen suppliers, with which Tulikivi works very closely. Products are also sold directly to home builders and renovators who appreciate the natural aesthetic quality, eco-friendliness and durability of Tulikivi’s interior stone products.

The Interior products are mostly manufactured at Tulikivi’s own factory in Espoo, and their principal market is Finland. Soapstone interior design products and countertops are also manufactured for export to various project sites abroad.

Soapstone tiles are Tulikivi’s speciality. They are very well-suited for bathroom floors as they are not slippery even when wet. The heat-retaining characteristic of soapstone is beneficial in spaces with underfloor heating.