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Terms and conditions of use of images

1. You may only use these images in Tulikivi Corporation advertising and in other Tulikivi Corporation-related publications.

2. Tulikivi Corporation owns all the rights of use for the images.

3. Published images must always indicate the owner of the rights of use. This text can be found on the download page. If the text indicating the owner of the rights of use is missing from the download page, the text “Image: Tulikivi Corporation” must be used instead. Gross infringements can lead to legal proceedings.

4. Apart from cropping, the images may not be manipulated without permission from Tulikivi Corporation.

5. The user agrees to use the images for his/her own personal use only. The images may not be surrendered to a third party in any format.

6. The user is prohibited from using our material for any illegal purpose, or any purpose that would infringe the rights of any company, person or trademark.

7. The user must make all possible attempts to prevent further use of the material without permission.

8. The user is always responsible for the publication of the images. Tulikivi Corporation is not liable for any possible indirect or consequential damages caused to either the user or publisher of the images.


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