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Annual General Meeting 2005


Annual General Meeting
The Board of Directors of Tulikivi Corporation has made a decision
to invite the Annual General Meeting on 31st, April 2005 at10 a.m.
in Juuka. The Annual General Meeting will handle the issues
pertaining to the Annual General Meeting. Additionally, the Board
of Directors will propose to the Annual General Meeting that the
authorization to acquire and relinquish company´s own shares will
be renewed so that no more than a total of 336,069 A-shares and no
more than a total of 119,250 K-shares of the company shall be
The invitation to the Annual General Meeting will be published

Nomination Committee
Board of Directors has decided to establish a Nomination
Committee. The composition of the Nomination Committee departs
from the recommendation for the corporate governance to the
publicly listed companies. The Nomination Committee comprises of
two members of the Board of Directors and one external member. The
Nomination Committee is comprised of the Chairman of the Board of
Directors Matti Virtaala, the Vice Chairman of the Board of
Directors Reijo Vauhkonen and the Doctor of Economic Sciences,
h.c. Ahti Hirvonen.


Board of Directors

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Additional Information: Tulikivi Corporation, 83900 Juuka, tel.
+358-13-681 111, www.
– Chairman of the Board of the Directors Matti Virtaala