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Heikki Vauhkonen appointed as managing director for Tulikivi Corporation


Heikki Vauhkonen (1970), LLB and BBA,has been appointed as
managing director for Tulikivi Corporation effective May 28, 2007.

He has worked for Tulikivi Corporation since 1997. He is stepping
into the position of managing director from his former role as
marketing director of the Tulikivi Group’s Fireplace Business.

Heikki Vauhkonen will stay on as a member of the Board. A new vice
chairman will not be elected for the Board.

Juha Sivonen (1962), M.Sc. (Civil Eng.) will stay on at Tulikivi
Corporation as the head of the Fireplace Business. The goal is to
ensure the future growth of Tulikivi’s Fireplace Business and
upgrade the efficiency of line operations. Projects that have a
major bearing on future operations are ongoing at the company –
these include among others completing both the overhaul of the
domestic distribution channel and the fireplace collection


Board of Directors
Matti Virtaala, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Distribution: Helsinki Stock Exchange
Principal media

For additional information, contact: Tulikivi Corporation, 83900
Juuka, Finland, tel. +358 207 636 000,
– Chairman of the Board Matti Virtaala
– Heikki Vauhkonen, Managing Director as from May 28, 2007, tel.
+358 207 636 555
– Juha Sivonen, Managing Director until May 28, 2007, tel. +358
207 636 280
– For photographs, see Tulikivi Corporation’s media bank at Go to Media/Pictures/Contact Persons.

A listed family company, Tulikivi Corporation and its subsidiaries
form the Tulikivi Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-
retaining fireplaces. The Group is known for its Tulikivi
soapstone fireplaces and natural stone products as well as its
Kermansavi ceramic fireplaces and utility ceramics. The Group’s
revenue amounts to approximately EUR 80 million, about half of
which is accounted for by exports. The Group owns seven production
plants and employs just over 700 people.