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Specialized showrooms to handle the Tulikivi Group’s Finnish fireplace sales starting in the beginning of 2007


The Tulikivi Group will be centralizing Finnish fireplace sales in
its own specialized showrooms from the beginning of next year.
Tulikivi and Kermansavi fireplaces will be carried by over 30
Tulikivi showrooms. The move aims to increase sales, cost-
effectiveness and the Group’s market share in Finland.

From the beginning of 2007, a total of over thirty Tulikivi and
Kermansavi fireplace showrooms will merge into a new distribution
channel – the Tulikivi showroom chain, which will be expanded to
forty-five showrooms.

The Tulikivi Group acquired Kermansavi Oy in spring 2006. The
current distribution channel and fireplace business integration
will bring synergy benefits and bolster the Tulikivi brand. It
seeks to increase sales, cost-effectiveness and the Group’s market
share in Finland.

The Tulikivi showrooms will offer customers professional service
in all aspects of fireplace purchase, and both Tulikivi’s
soapstone fireplaces and Kermansavi’s ceramic tiled fireplaces
will soon be found under the same roof. Tulikivi is the market
leader in heat-retaining fireplaces and the popularity of
Kermansavi’s distinctive fireplaces has surged in recent years.

Tulikivi’s professional fireplace installer network will also
continue to serve customers. Finland’s approximately 150 fireplace
installers make home visits and provide customers with
comprehensive fireplace installation services.

The changes mean that after December 31, 2006, major retail chains
like K-Rauta, Rautia, Rautanet, Agrimarket, Hartman, Carlson and
Bauhaus will no longer sell Tulikivi fireplaces.

This change in the fireplace business distribution channel will
not however affect Tulikivi’s natural stone products or
Kermansavi’s stoneware, which will continue to be sold through
current channels.


Juha Sivonen
Managing Director

For additional information, contact: Managing Director Juha
Sivonen, tel. +358 207 636 280, and Marketing Director Heikki
Vauhkonen, Tulikivi Corporation, tel. +358 207 636 555.

Distribution:  Helsinki Stock Exchange, principal media

A listed family company, Tulikivi Corporation and its subsidiaries
form the Tulikivi Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-
retaining fireplaces. The Group is known for its Tulikivi
soapstone fireplaces and natural stone products as well as its
Kermansavi tiled fireplaces and utility ceramics. The Group’s
sales amount to approximately EUR 75 million, about half of which
is accounted for by exports. The Group owns seven production
plants and employs about 700 people.