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Suomussalmi talc project receives EUR 1.6 million R&D loan from Business Finland


Published 14.03.2023

Business Finland has granted Tulikivi Corporation a EUR 1.6 million R&D loan to finance the ‘Carbon Neutral Talc Mine and Process’ project. The project is part of an overall effort by Tulikivi and its wholly owned subsidiary Nordic Talc Oy to convert the Suomussalmi soapstone plant into a talc production facility and ensure the industrial exploitation of the talc deposits, either by the company itself or by a third party.  The project will run until the end of 2025 and will be led by Erkki Kuronen, Managing Director of Nordic Talc Oy.

The goal of the ‘Carbon Neutral Talc Mine and Process’ project is to develop a quarrying and beneficiation process that will enable carbon neutral production. In addition, the project will investigate the variation in the product properties of the talc and develop energy-efficient fine grinding techniques for talc products suitable for various applications. Talc products are subjected to the verification and product testing required by users. As part of the project, opportunities for exploiting production by-products will also be explored.

The goal of the project is to develop a future talc production plant that will meet the requirements of the 2030s. Tulikivi aims to be a pioneer in supporting customers’ sustainability goals in the future by offering carbon neutral, traceable and high-quality talc products. The R&D loan will allow Tulikivi to boost its investment in the development effort to achieve these objectives and promote the project.



Further information: Heikki Vauhkonen, Managing Director, tel. +358 (0)207 636 555

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