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Tulikivi Corporation defeats NunnaUuni Oy in the Market Court


The dispute between soapstone fireplace manufacturers Tulikivi
Corporation and NunnaUuni Oy has been resolved in favour of
Tulikivi in the Market Court. Tulikivi brought a claim against
NunnaUuni’s advertising, which in Tulikivi’s view is misleading
and against the Consumer Protection Act.

In its ruling, the Market Court held that NunnaUuni Oy’s
Mammuttikivi marketing is against the Consumer Protection Act and
constitutes unfair business practices. According to the court,
said marketing measures by NunnaUuni Oy are misleading and liable
to damage Tulikivi Corporation’s business.

The Market Court prohibited NunnaUuni from making advertising
claims on the basis of comparisons of the heat resistance of
different types of soapstone in conditions that are not relevant.
In its ruling, the Market Court stated that NunnaUuni had not
complied with the truthfulness obligation set for marketing in the
Consumer Protection Act.

As a guarantee for the prohibition, the Market Court imposed a
conditionally imposed fine of EUR 50,000 on NunnaUuni Oy and
obligated the company to compensate EUR 75,000 of Tulikivi
Corporation’s trial costs. NunnaUuni must comply with the
injunction as from April 1, 2007.

Tulikivi Corporation’s fireplaces are environmentally friendly and
safe. No consumer disputes concerning its fireplaces are pending.


Juha Sivonen
Managing Director

For additional information, contact: Marketing Director Heikki
Vauhkonen, Tulikivi Corporation, tel. +358 207 636 555

Distribution: Helsinki Stock Exchange, principal media

A listed family company, Tulikivi Corporation and its subsidiaries
form the Tulikivi Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of heat-
retaining fireplaces. The Group is known for its Tulikivi
soapstone fireplaces and natural stone products as well as its
Kermansavi ceramic fireplaces and utility ceramics. The Group’s
revenue amounts to approximately EUR 80 million, about half of
which is accounted for by exports. The Group owns seven production
plants and employs just over 700 people.