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Tulikivi Corporation Increases its Soapstone Reserves


* In the Nunnanlahti district of Juuka, Tulikivi Corporation has found a major new deposit of soapstone.
* Thanks to the deposit, the company now possesses soapstone reserves for about 65 years.

The new deposit of soapstone found in Juuka is of good quality and is suitable for present products and new products that are in the planning stage. The estimated extent of the deposit is 2,000,000 cross cubic metres and it is Tulikivi Corporation’s most important find in Nunnanlahti for 15 years. Work on ascertaining the quality and extent of the deposit is continuing.

Tulikivi Corporation’s strategic objective is for the company continually to have soapstone reserves that will suffice for over 50 years. Tulikivi Corporation now possesses soapstone reserves for about 65 years. The adequacy of the stone supply is measured in years of use at the present volume. Ensuring a sufficient supply of raw material depends not only on the continuous exploration of new deposits but also on the precise use of stone and development projects connected with it.

The exploration of stone reserves is a long-term and ongoing operation. Tulikivi Corporation invests over 500,000 euros a year on exploratory drillings and test quarrying. Each year the company conducts 3-6 kilometres of drillings in different areas in Juuka, Kuhmo and Suomussalmi. Apart from the investments, use of the stone is enhanced through continuous development of products and production technology.


Juha Sivonen
Managing Director

Additional information:
– Tulikivi Corporation, 83900 Juuka, tel. +358-13-681 111,
– Matti Virtaala, Chairman of the Board
– Juha Sivonen, Managing Director

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