Stock Exchange Releases

Tulikivi Shares Not Exchanged for Book Entries has Been Sold



The Annual General Meeting of the Tulikivi Corporation decided on
4 April 2001 that it would, in accordance with chapter 3a section
3a of the Finnish Companies Act and on behalf of its shareholders,
sell those Company shares held in the joint book entry account
whose share certificates have not been exchanged for book entries.

The 2,125 Tulikivi A-shares and 1,000 Tulikivi K-shares maintained
on the joint account were sold during April-May 2003 on behalf of
the shareholders. The proceeds from this sale deducted by the
costs of the giving of notification and the sale will be
deposited with the office of the County Government of Eastern
Finland for a period of ten years. During this period, the
shareholders and other entitled parties have the right to withdraw
an amount of the funds corresponding to the number of shares held,
by presenting their share certificates and any necessary
statements of title either to a Sampo Bank Ltd branch or to the
office of the County Government of Eastern Finland.


Board of Directors

Additional information: Financing Director Arja Lehikoinen, tel.
013-681 1260 or mobile 0400 279 091