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Tulikivi to introduce new generation of fireplaces


*Tulikivi will introduce to the market a new generation of
fireplaces created by design professionals.
*The combustion technology and efficiency of the new products are
top of their class, resulting in cleaner burning of wood.
* The products will be manufactured at the new plant that is due
for completion in Juuka in September 2006 and that will utilize
small and left-over blocks.

Tulikivi has completed a development project that has lasted
almost two years, as a result of which the company will introduce
a new generation of fireplaces to the market in order to expand
its current model series. The prototypes for the new products were
unveiled at the Verona fireplace trade fair in Italy. The new
products will become available for sale in Finland in September

In January 2006, Tulikivi's Board of Directors took a decision to
invest five million euros in the construction of a new production
plant in Juuka in order to boost production capacity. The
production plant which is due for completion in September 2006
will manufacture the new product line. For raw materials, the new
plant will mostly utilize low-cost small and left-over blocks
accumulated during the company's 25-year history.

Cutting edge design and combustion technology

The new Tulikivi fireplaces were designed on the basis of the
results of an extensive market survey carried out in Tulikivi^s
main markets. Top design professionals, such as Industrial
Designer Hannu Kähönen and his agency Creadesign Oy, were involved
in the process. The objective was to create a new range of
fireplaces featuring the best combustion technology and efficiency
in its class. Tulikivi also sought to minimize emissions, despite
the fact that its current products already comply with the
strictest emissions standards in the world (those of Austria).

New models are easy to maintain

The clear-cut fireplaces have large doors with straight lines that
sit beautifully with the new stone size. New doors include a
square-shaped door and a tall vertical door as well as a large
horizontal door which is a novelty in heat-retaining fireplaces.
Soot doors have been placed out of sight, which accentuates the
harmonious look of the fireplaces. The new double-shell
construction of the fireplaces guarantees a prolonged heat-release
time, making the new models particularly well-suited for low-
energy houses, since they store heat for a long time and release
it slowly.

Benches and shelves with a modular design as well as other
accessories can be added to the new models. Customers can
personalize the composition of their fireplace, and accessories
can be varied, replaced or added later.
For additional information, contact:
- Tulikivi Corporation, FI-83900 Juuka, tel. +358 207 636 000,
- Chairman of the Board of Directors Matti Virtaala or Managing
Director Juha Sivonen

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Tulikivi Corporation and its subsidiaries form the Tulikivi Group,
the world's largest and most technologically advanced processor of
soapstone and the world^s largest manufacturer of industrially
produced heat-retaining fireplaces. The Group is one of the five
largest stone processors in Europe. Tulikivi's business areas are
the Fireplace and the Natural Stone Products businesses. The
Group's revenue amounts to approximately EUR 60 million and it
owns six production plants and employs more than 500 people.