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Kivia Oy to merge with Tulikivi Corporation


Tulikivi Corporation and  Kivia Oy’s Boards of Directors have today decided to merge Kermansavi Oy  into Tulikivi Corporation by absorption. The merger aims to clarify the Group structure. The draft terms of merger will be registered in the Trade Register within a month. The planned registration date for consummation of the merger is December 31, 2012.

Kivia Oy is dormant.  The merger will not affect the figures in the Group’s financial statements.

Tulikivi Corporation

Board of Directors
Matti Virtaala, Chairman of the Board

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Additional information:  Tulikivi Corporation, 83900 Juuka,  +358 403 063 100,
-Chairman of the Board Matti Virtaala
-Managing Director Heikki Vauhkonen

The Tulikivi Group  comprises the Tulikivi Corporation, which is a listed family enterprise, and its subsidiaries.  The Tulikivi Group is the world´s largest manufacturer of heat retaining fireplaces.  Tulikivi has three products groups: Fireplaces, Saunas and Interior & Design. Tulikivi and its customers value wellbeing, interior design and the benefits of bioenergy. Tulikivi´s net sales are roughly EUR 60 million, of which exports account for about half.  Tulikivi employs over 400 people.